6 Degree Tequila – Home Page Animation-old-canvas-09212017

6 Degree Tequila – Home Page Animation

The Six Degree Tequila brand emphasizes the bond between sophisticated individuals who enjoy the award-winning taste of their fine tequilas. A Photoshop composite image was created using elements from their distinct bottle shape, six different individuals, and their award winning blanco tequila. The image is used in printed brochures and trade show materials. To add energy to the image on their homepage an animation was created that highlights the graphic from the bottle while subtly lighting the agave and revealing the purity of the blanco tequila bottle as the light passes behind.


Six Degree Tequila

Project Skills:

Animation, HTML5, Javascript, Retouching, Illustration


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, HTML5, Greensock Animation Platform, Javascript